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The members of the group are:

Dimpoma Workers:

  • Ivan V. Dubinenkov
  • Alexander B. Volikov

We have joint research projects with our partners from:

Division of Radiochemistry:

Division of Analytical Chemistry:

A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry of RAS:

Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials of RAS:

Vernadskii Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of RAS:

Institute of Ecological Chemistry, GSF (Munich, Germany):

University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.:

At the different times the next people were joining the group:

  • Matvey V. Yudov (Junour Scientist, 1999-2004)
  • Ekaterina A. Ilyukhina (M.S. Student, 2003-2005)
  • Dr. Natalya N. Danchenko (Ph.D. Student, 1992-1998)
  • Dr. Marina A. Anisimova (Ph.D. Student, 1993-1998)
  • Dr. Natalya Yu. Grechishcheva (Ph.D. Student, Juniour Scientist, 1993-1999)
  • Dr. Alexei B. Permin (Senior Scientist, 1992-2003)
  • Galina N. Koval' (Engineer, 1992-2001)
  • Salem Quaid (Ph. D. Student, 2002-2004)
  • Dr. Denis M. Zhilin (Research Scientist)
  • Elena Yu. Belyaeva (Ph.D. Student, 2004-2007)
  • Anton N. Kovalenko (Ph.D. Student, 2005-2008)
  • Dr. Leonid A. Karpuk (Ph.D. Student, 2005-2008)